Video: Pep Bands Dance Off on Day One of March Madness

We’re just one day in to all that is March Madness, and there’s already a great pep band video clip circling the web. While the Providence (Rhode Island) College Friars (9 seed) one-point win (70-69) over the University of Southern California (Los Angeles) Trojans (8 seed) provided plenty of action on the court, the real ones to watch were the entertaining pep bands.

To see what we mean, check out this video of USC Basketball Band member Chris Redfield dancing along to the “Cha Cha Slide,” backed up by his fellow trumpets, including Halftime Magazine’s own intern/writer Emily Moneymaker! There’s also a quick cut to PC Pep Band during the song’s famous “FREEZE!”


This was the Providence Friars first tournament win sinece 1997. They advance to play No. 1-seeded University of North Carolina on Saturday.  Stay tuned to the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournaments all month, and send us any great band moments on our Facebook page.

Photo of USC Basketball Band by Benjamin Chua

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