LSU Bans Opposing Bands from Halftime Shows

The Louisiana State University Athletic Department announced that it will no longer allow opposing bands to perform on the field during halftime at football games.

“It’s a safety issue,” LSU spokesperson Michael Bonnette told The Advocate. “We don’t have room down there for both bands. In order for bands to perform at half, they’ve got to come down to the field before the first half ends. That’s a lot of people on the sideline.”

No particular incidents were cited. According to Bonnette the policy was put into place last season, although fans and the marching band community are just discovering it now. As a result of the announcement, the Jacksonville State University Marching Band will cancel their trip to LSU and the Alabama’s Million Dollar Band will only send a small pep band.

LSU recently fired band director Roy King, accusing him of misappropriating scholarship funds. King is suing the university. Read our web exclusive article on the firing. 


Sources: NOLA, The Advocate