DSI Hyperformance Gloves

DSI hyperperformance gloves.

Ditch those stretched-out, smelly, slightly yellow-tinted cotton gloves this marching season and replace them with Hyperformance Gloves from Director’s Showcase International (DSI).

Made of durable technical fabric, a mix of 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex, the gloves fit snugly, so that marchers no longer need to worry about a loose fit.

“When you look at some of these performers at the end of the season, … their cotton gloves look like a machine-washed T-shirt that hasn’t gone through the dryer,” says Jeff Dyson, DSI vice president of marketing. “It looks messy. It looks sloppy because it’s not tight on the wrist. With the Hyperformance Gloves, those will stay tight on the wrist.”

The gloves are also machine washable. “You can throw them into the washer, … and they will look as good at the end of the season as they did when you bought them,” Dyson says.

In addition, the gloves have a printed grip pattern on the palm and mesh material between the fingers and on the back for breathability.

While the gloves are more expensive at $8.95 per pair than some competitors’ cotton gloves, musicians will see the difference in their pocketbooks by the end of the season, Dyson says.

“[A competitor’s cotton gloves] may be something in the $3 to $5 range, … and the Hyperformance Gloves are retailed at $8.95, so realistically you’re talking two, maybe three, pairs of [the cotton] gloves that you would easily go through … whereas you can just buy the one pair of Hyperformance Gloves and have those for the entire season,” Dyson says.

Visit dshowcase.com for more information.

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