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Halftime Crossword Puzzle


1. Thick meat and vegetable dish
5. Medical degree for a dentist (abbr.)
8. Actress/comedian Sykes
13. “Six Feet Under” actress Taylor
14. Person named in a will
15. Scientist Newton
16. Hawaiian stringed instruments, slangily
17. Skin problem
18. Inexperienced, or likely to believe anything
19. One meaning of RANK (3 words)
22. Rock’s ___ Zeppelin
23. Like a field after heavy rain
24. Not new, like cars or instruments
26. Played by the drum line to give marchers a beat
29. Central Texas city, home to the McMurry University Marching Band
32. “___ to Hold Your Hand” (Beatles song) (2 words)
33. Event where bands compete or share performances
34. Turn bad
35. Road paving stuff
36. “___ Believer” (song by The Monkees) (2 words)
37. Single-reed woodwind
41. Music direction used when an instrument is not to play
43. Like the origins of the banjo and mbira
44. Cuisine often ordered for takeout
46. Biblical garden
47. In a reluctant or shy way
48. Group that monitors what can be said on the airwaves (abbr.)
50. One meaning of RANK (2 words)
55. Without accompaniment
57. ___ mike night
58. Russian mountain range
59. Harder to find
60. “See ya later!” (hyph.)
61. Da ___ (from the beginning, in sheet music)
62. “___ has fleas” (tuning mnemonic for some string instruments)
63. ___-cone (icy summer dessert)
64. Had in one’s mind
1. Garden pest that leaves a slimy trail
2. Former NFL running back Barber
3. Word on mountain signs showing how high up you are (abbr.)
4. Visitors who brought gold, frankincense and myrrh (2 words)
5. 10-year interval
6. Like many mouthwash flavors
7. Three, in German
8. Improvises in a situation (2 words)
9. Quick ___ wink (2 words)
10. One meaning of FILE (2 words)
11. “Ants Marching” singer Matthews
12. Got a 100% on
14. The first letter in “cornet” but not in “cymbal” (2 words)
20. Family member
21. What over-sharpened pencils are worn down to
25. Cotton gin inventor Whitney
26. Approximately, when talking about historical dates
27. Like ___ in sheep’s clothing (2 words)
28. One meaning of FILE (2 words)
29. Prefix meaning “gas” or “atmosphere”
30. Roster listings
31. Fill with joy
33. What Jack Sprat could not eat
35. The fourth main beat in 12⁄8 time
38. Get ___ of (throw away)
39. It sank the Titanic
40. Nickname for some grandmothers
41. Cash register drawer
42. Question related to, “So, how’s the search going?” (2 words)
44. Wake up from being knocked out (2 words)
45. Mammal that makes a “laughing” noise
47. Cable channel that covers government affairs (hyph.)
48. Home for cows and chickens
49. “American Idol” runner-up Aiken
51. They get connected, in a kids’ puzzle
52. Tehran’s country
53. Back of the neck
54. _____ in the dark
56. Keanu, in “The Matrix”


Wait, don’t peek yet. Here come the solutions.


Halftime Crossword Solution


About the Author:

Matt Jones is a 1998 graduate of Willamette University in Salem, Ore., where he majored in music education. Since 1994, he has also written crosswords for venues such as The New York Times, Games Magazine and Stagebill. He currently writes a syndicated weekly puzzle for more than 50 alternative newspapers across the country.


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