Benefits of Drum Line

The indoor drum line movement has grown to include an estimated 1,700 groups in only 14 years! Here are some of the benefits of a school program.

It’s Educational! Studies by many organizations, including NAMM and Music for All, have proven that the study of music enhances a student’s academic potential and improves grades and test scores.

It’s All-Inclusive. Males and females, freshmen and seniors, tall and short, thin and heavy, wealthy and not must all work together to strive for the group’s goals. Football is all-male; women’s volleyball is all-female; basketball is all-tall; debate club is all-smart. But drum line gives everybody an equal opportunity to participate, learn, work and succeed, thereby providing positive social and psychological benefits.

It’s a Positive Use of Time and Energy. Drum line keeps students occupied in ways that make parents proud and comfortable. With the right teacher, the time spent will be fulfilling and rewarding.

It Teaches Life Lessons. Dedication, teamwork, hard work, respect for others and the pursuit of common goals: These attributes can and will stay with the students throughout their lives, enhancing educational goals, career choice, family environment, interpersonal relationships and life in general.

In addition, the students will learn:

  • That “luck” is winning the lottery—everything else is a result of preparation, ability, desire and willingness.
  • To not let the fat lady sing until YOU are ready to hear her!
  • To encourage those around you.
  • That learning has three distinct phases: “freedom” (untrained), “discipline” (learning) and “freedom again” (the ability to create music). This concept applies to many educational endeavors, not just music.
  • To respect, admire and cherish those who paved the way for you, even as you strive to surpass them.
  • To treat instruments and music with reverence; to never take someone else’s art for granted—you do not have the right to play another person’s music badly!

It’s FUN!!!!!

About the Author

Dennis DeLucia is one of the most highly respected percussion teachers, arrangers, clinicians and judges in the United States. A former member of the West Point Band, he is best known for his successes with championship drum corps and bands.

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