Share Your Story

Recently I discovered a website called StoryCorps.

Hold on to your seats! Contrary to the first thought that might’ve popped into your head, the site isn’t about drum corps.

StoryCorps is a not-for-profit organization that encourages and provides opportunities for people to record, share and preserve their life stories. These stories are edited into little snippets or even turned into animated shorts. In just one day of listening, I’ve heard stories of homelessness, adoption and abuse. Despite these heavy subjects, the recordings are also about hope, love and the human spirit.

I’m drawn to this site because we basically share the same mission. We believe that every band, corps, guard and drumline has a story—and so does every person who participates in them. In essence, Halftime Magazine is your place to share your story.

In this issue, we’ve featured Drum Corps International winners (page 21), Drum Corps Associates 50th anniversary (page 28), beach parades (page 16) and the Blue Springs (Mo.) marching band, one of the most recent recipients of the Sudler Shield. In addition, Phantom Regiment’s head conductor, David Warren, writes about winning the Jim Jones Leadership Award.

Next issue, we just might be writing about you or your ensemble.

We always want to hear your story— whether your band has won awards or is new to the field, whether you’ve been involved in music for more years than you can count or just picked up an instrument for the first time.

So continue to send us emails, tweets, or Facebook comments and messages. We look forward to sharing your experiences—and by the way, also check out StoryCorps.

Musically Yours,
Christine Ngeo Katzman
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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