Jumpstart the Fall Season

Recently, my husband and I completed the P90X workout program, a collection of 12 DVDs including yoga, kenpo karate and weight training. In 90 days, he lost more than 30 pounds and went down three pant sizes. While my results have been a little less dramatic—I admit to skipping a workout every now and then and eating potato chips instead—the program nevertheless gave me more strength and trimmed down my fat. I couldn’t even do a real pushup before, and now I can do at least five. Exercising almost every night for the past 90 days has given both of us more energy to live our everyday lives and play with our two children.

More than ever, physical fitness has become an important component of the marching arts. Bands are incorporating gymnastics into their shows and even completing marathons (see “Marching a Marathon”). To ensure that students are capable of these endeavors, more bands than ever have implemented training programs that include stretching, abdominal work and weight lifting to prevent injuries, increase stamina and help with instrument carriage.

“On One Condition” provides advice from various fitness trainers and band directors about starting a physical conditioning program at your school. You’ll also find various fitness pointers in “Lose the Love Handles” and even in our “Sectionals” department.

Many bands have found physical conditioning important due to the new demands—including the need for agility and strength—placed on performers. From ballet-like movements to lifting objects and people in the air— dance choreography has moved beyond just guard members and involves all members on the field. “Visual Appeal” discusses how this trend has evolved and how to tackle improving visuals at your school.

Summertime is the perfect time to think about getting your body—and your chops—in shape. Just think: You have about 90 days to jumpstart your fall season. I’ve taken to heart one of the famous mottos from P90X and hope you do too: “Do your best, and forget the rest.”

Keep on Marching,
Christine Ngeo Katzman
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

A photo of Jordan Lobsiger.

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