“Don’t Give Up”

All of us have known someone, some company or some organization affected by these difficult economic times. Maybe your spouse or parent has lost a job, your school’s budget was cut or you had to decrease your competition schedule. Or maybe your issues are even more personal in nature.

We’ve all experienced the down sides of life. In times of trouble, how do you stay strong? How do you have hope? Better yet, how do you turn things around?

In 1986, Peter Gabriel released a duet titled “Don’t Give Up” about a man hurt by the economy with “no fight left” and his female companion who urges him, “Don’t give up ’cause you have friends.”

This year, the Center Grove High School indoor percussion ensemble from Greenwood, Ind., chose this song for its program. In the end, though, the song had even more meaning as it became a rallying cry in the fight to save the arts curriculum at the school.

Throughout this issue, we celebrate those who have gone beyond positive thinking to make a positive impact.

Saving Music Education” tells how several leading corporations such as Disney, Best Buy and Farmers Insurance Group are using their unique resources to help music programs.

But you don’t need to make billions of dollars or give a lot of money to make a difference. Gator Cases is sponsoring the “Nation’s Messiest Band Contest” to provide free instrument cases to one lucky band.

And in times of need, marching bands have been known to come together. When Matt Hodge, a senior quad player at Page High School in Franklin, Tenn., had a near-fatal car accident, his own band as well as “competitor” Tarpon Springs (Fla.) High School raised funds to help the family with medical expenses. Find out more about Matt and how you can help his recovery.

Even for personal defeats, don’t dwell too long on the negatives. One drum major had to learn that lesson the hard way as he persevered and took advantage of “A Second Chance.”

As part of our mission, Halftime Magazine aims to educate, entertain and inspire. We hope that these stories provide you with inspiration to see you through these potentially difficult times.

Even in your darkest hour, to borrow the words of Peter Gabriel, “Don’t give up. You’re not beaten yet. Don’t give up. I know you can make it good.”

Look within and look to each other.

Musically Yours,
Christine Ngeo Katzman
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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