Considering Summer Jobs

After an elongated winter that lasted into April, we have finally emerged into a beautiful spring with summer approaching faster than usual.

The time to think about summer jobs—or even a career after graduation— is upon us. When I was a college student, I filtered through several types of positions—mostly interning at different magazine publishing companies—but also working a minimum-wage job at a video store. Through Halftime Magazine, I am finally fortunate to have created a business for myself with a toe in the music industry.

If you’re thinking of capitalizing on your love of performing, there are many ways to do so. “Summertime Gigs” walks you through various music related job opportunities such as joining a band at a theme park or cruise ship, being a counselor at a music camp, teaching private lessons or working as an intern for a music store or instrument manufacturer.

If you’ve recently graduated with a music education degree, congratulations! “Advice for Young Directors” gives you a roadmap to help you navigate your first few years of teaching band. Veteran directors provide tips on dealing with administration, motivating students, working on show design and more.

This issue of Halftime Magazine also salutes the winning winter guards and indoor drumlines from the 2014 WGI World Championships. Many new groups medaled in this year’s competition.

Hope you enjoy the rest of spring and create awesome summer experiences.

Yours Truly,
Christine Ngeo Katzman
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

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