Behind every great marching band is a great booster organization.

Behind every great marching band is a great booster organization.

Comprised of parents, alums and community members, a band booster is responsible for a wide range of tasks including fundraising, building props, moving equipment, chaperoning, washing uniforms and packing snacks. In essence, the booster’s role involves everything but the performance.

Because the band booster is so essential to the the marching arts process, Halftime Magazine is proud to partner with the National Association of Music Parents (AMP) to bring you “Booster Support,” a new two-page editorial section dedicated to information for and about booster groups. The department will showcase the extraordinary support provided by boosters as well as inspire directors and students to explore new ways to collaborate more effectively with their booster programs.

In addition, all current and new members of AMP will receive a free digital subscription to Halftime Magazine. The first 100 groups to sign up for AMP membership will receive a complimentary group print subscription of 25 copies sent to one location. Sign up for these benefits at

Halftime Magazine and AMP share a common vision to expand music through education and inspiration, so our partnership will be a win-win-win for the entire industry.

In this first “Booster Support” article, we showcase the booster’s role in game-day and competition-day activities. Dozens of adults are needed to help a single day run smoothly. In their service to the ensemble, they often find themselves becoming closer to their children as well as to each other.

Also of interest, this issue of Halftime Magazine features the article “Family Matters,” showcasing how relationships are impacted when siblings find themselves marching together or children are taught by their band director parents.

Thank you for continuing to read Halftime Magazine and hope you enjoy the new addition. Also, thanks go to your parents for their role in your music education.

Keep on Marching,
Christine Ngeo Katzman
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Photo courtesy of Susan Emery.

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