WGI Sport of the Arts Presents “TOSS!”

No matter how skilled you are with a flag, rifle or saber, you’ll benefit from WGI Sport of the Arts’ new instructional video “TOSS!” The video is the latest addition to the organization’s educational DVD series and is targeted to both instructors and students.

The DVD covers the basics of the beginning toss to more challenging tosses—those layered on body, while moving and within longer phrases.

During “TOSS!” you’ll learn the tricks of the trade from seven experienced equipment designers and technicians: Jill Brennan from Northeast Independent, Robby DuFresne from Northeast Independent, April Gilligan from Braddock Independent, Fred Marier from Blessed Sacrament, Adam Sage from Phantom Regiment, Rosie (Miller) Queen from Pride of Cincinnati/Aimachi and Tracy Wooton from Northern Lights.

To discover everything there is to know about tossing with the help of seasoned experts, order “TOSS!” online at www.wgi.org/store.

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