Lautzenheiser Joins Music for All

Music for All (MFA) announced that Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser has joined the organization as the senior educational advisor. The position puts an official title on the many responsibilities that Lautzenheiser was already handling.

“I’ve been involved with the organization since 1978,” Lautzenheiser says. “I’ve always been affiliated doing leadership workshops. The work with MFA and my contribution has simply been quantified as a position within the organizational structure.”

Lautzenheiser previously served as executive director of music for MFA’s predecessor, Marching Bands of America, and on the MFA Board of Directors. He frequently presents at MFA through his “Attitude Concepts for Today” programs.

“I think the additional responsibility will be continuing to do outreach,” Lautzenheiser says. “It’s all about communication, and my part of it has always been personal communication, so people feel a sense of belonging, that MFA is a community of students and teachers.”

One of Lautzenheiser’s favorite responsibilities is escorting each band onto the field and talking with directors, students and parents before a performance. Overall, he hopes to enhance MFA’s mission.

“It’s a constant expansion for a higher level of quality in everything we do and to outreach in all facets of music,” Lautzenheiser says. “So everyone understands it is not just getting ready for a performance, but rather it’s developing the fundamental building blocks for a positive, productive, powerful future.”

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