Get Quick Buxx on the Road

While traveling to competitions and performances with your band, you probably wish that your parents were around to slip you your much-needed allowance. The US Scholastic Band Association based in Allentown, Pa., understands this aspect of marching band students’ lives, so they’ve teamed up with National City, a financial holding company, to offer the Visa Buxx program to its students.

Visa Buxx is a pre-paid debit card specifically designed for teens. With a maximum load amount of $250, this card offers a low-anxiety alternative to a credit card and encourages students to practice monitoring their finances.

Parents can set up their children’s accounts to receive funds automatically each week or month, making the program an easy way to ensure that students on the road have enough money to get by. Parents and students can check balance and expenditure information online or via a secure 24-hour customer service number. Adults can also manage their children’s accounts using either convenient method.

To learn more about the Visa Buxx card, visit the National City website at, click on “Prepaid Cards,” then select the “Visa Buxx” link.