DCI: Divisions II & III Combine As An “Open Class”

The Drum Corps International (DCI) Executive Committee, made up of five Division I corps directors and four at-large (unaffiliated) members, recently voted to combine Divisions II and III into a newly created “Open Class.” The committee members unanimously approved the proposal brought forward by the Division II and III directors in September.

Instead of waiting until the next regularly-scheduled meeting in November, the committee members decided to start their 2008 planning process in September, just to vote on the proposal. According to the DCI website, the committee recognized that the proposal gave Division II and III directors tremendous potential to create new opportunities for their corps.

“The unanimous approval of the proposal now establishes a fresh approach for the new season, which will feature incredible performances from our ‘Open Class’ and ‘World Class’ organizations,” says Dan Acheson, DCI’s executive director, on the organization’s website.

The committee also voted to include corps from outside of North America in an “International Class.” Groups in this class will be able to follow the organizational guidelines established by their countries of origin. If they choose to recognize established DCI rules, they will be allowed to compete in the Open Class.

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