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Now there’s a way for you and your school band to post videos online without viewers being inundated by R-rated material. Just visit

SchoolTube is an online video-sharing service that caters to youth and schools, providing a safer surfing alternative. The site has been active for more than a year. Now SchoolTube has teamed up with MENC to market the site to marching band participants and directors nationwide. MENC also uses the service for students to post audition videos for the U.S. Army All-American Marching Band.

“Bands will be able to showcase what they do on our site,” says Andrew Arizpe, SchoolTube’s director of youth marketing. SchoolTube aims to provide a safer alternative to sites like YouTube, Google Video and Myspace for students and teachers.

“[Our goal is] to provide a safe and fun environment for students and teachers to upload materials and collaborate with their peers,” Arizpe says. “The number one aspect is safety. That’s what makes us different, and that’s what students and administrators want.”

When a user posts a video on the site, the material cannot be viewed right away. SchoolTube enlists the help of teachers who approve videos posted by students from their school.

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