Band Poetry Expresses Humor in Band

Don’t let the word “poetry” scare you. There’s a 100% chance that you’ll connect with at least one of the 120 poems and stories in “Band Nerds Poetry From the 13th Chair Trombone Player.”

The engaging and unexpected book written by DJ Corchin and illustrated by Dan Dougherty is filled with spot-on observations of sticky valves, squeaky clarinets, itchy uniforms and various other malfunctions that will have band members in stitches.

“We can choose to let [stereotypes] shape us, or we can choose to write a silly poem book about them and laugh it off,” Corchin says.

Corchin is a big fan of poet Shel Silverstein, so he strove to channel Silverstein’s lighthearted style.

    First Chair
    I am the first chair.
    A very important role.
    Everyone looks up to me.
    At least that’s what I’m told.
    I have special duties.
    Passing music to the rest.
    I am the first chair I say
    Of all the 3rd part clarinets.

The book got its start while Corchin was performing in the first national tour of the Tony and Emmy award-winning show “Blast!,” where he was featured as the “unicycling trombonist.”

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