Yamaha Impact Drums

Yamaha Impact Drums

Small spaces and travel constraints sometimes demand questionable bass drum setups. Yamaha’s Impact Drums could solve these problems and also give front ensembles a new sound palette.

“A front ensemble is oftentimes called upon to add unique sounds or add emphasis to a melodic phrase,” says Troy Wollwage, marketing manager for the drum and percussion department with Yamaha Corporation of America.

The Impact Drums fill the gap between a concert bass drum and a large concert tom, Wollwage adds. “A horizontally mounted drum that is [more than] 18 inches allows arrangers to incorporate that happy medium to obtain a deep, rich sound,” he says. “One to several players can add emphasis to a musical phrase throughout the performance.”

In a video about the drums, percussionist Tony Nunez praised their versatility for both concert and marching ensembles. “The sound and depth that you get out of playing these instruments is something that I had never experienced before,” Nunez said.

The drums are available in four sizes, ranging from 18 to 24 inches. The detachable legs allow for easy height adjustments and a simple breakdown.

“The new Impact Drum allows arrangers to balance many of those needs and achieve a large sound with a warm, punchy attack,” Wollwage says.

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