Evans UV2 Drumheads

Evans UV2 Drumheads

If you’re tired of chipped, flaking drumheads, the new Evans UV2 drumheads might be your solution. The drumheads are a two-ply version of the UV1 drumheads that debuted in 2017.

Evans uses a special, patented technology to maximize consistency and durability. Instead of spraying the coating on the heads, the company uses a screen-coating process with an ink that cures instantly under ultraviolet light.

“The process makes for an incredibly consistent, highly durable, and immediately ready-to-go drumhead,” says Randy Beck, vice president of percussion at D’Addario and Company, parent brand for Evans.

While traditional drumhead coating starts to wear away almost instantly after the sticks meet the surface, UV2 coating is designed to last much longer, Beck says. The heads also feature a film that’s not used anywhere else in the Evans lineup.

“The result is a head that has a really fantastic, deep, focused, and controlled tone,” Beck says. “When placed on a drum kit in a front ensemble—[with] the hours of practice and wear and tear [and] the thrill and excitement of competition—[the UV2 drumheads are] certainly going to stand up to that kind of use for quite a long period of time,” Beck says.

The UV2 is available in 10 to 16 inches for toms and 8 to 18 inches for snare drums.

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