Jupiter Sax Gig Strap

Jupiter Sax Gig Strap

Shirts, slacks, and shoes all come in different sizes—why should sax straps be any different? The Jupiter Sax Gig Strap features an adjustable over-the-shoulder design for ultimate comfort during long performances or rehearsals.

“Because it goes over the shoulders, it does not place any strain on the neck,” says Rob Welch, product manager for Jupiter accessories. “People may not think about how neck pain affects your playing or longevity at a gig. I can tell you that changing what part of your body bears the weight of your horn and going from one point (your neck) to two (your shoulders) makes a huge difference.”

The shoulder fixture is adjustable to fit any shoulder size. A crosspiece on the back is also adjustable to fit different back widths. Finally, the height can be changed with a metal slide on the front. The customizable fit makes sure that the weight of the saxophone is distributed properly across the body, preventing neck strain.

The Gig Strap lifts over the head like a normal neck strap would and can be easily put on, removed, and adjusted by the wearer. Welch adds that the strap is especially useful during long marching rehearsals when a musician may be holding his or her sax for hours at a time.

For more information, visit jupitermusic.com.

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