Are you Prepared?

Are you prepared?

“Carpe diem—seize the day!” This phrase and everything surrounding it in the 1989 movie “Dead Poets Society” played a big role in inspiring me to be a writer and to chase my dreams.

But to be able to seize the day, we need to be ready. In business school, our entrepreneurial professor told us, “Luck happens when opportunity meets preparation.”

To be prepared, we need to keep our eyes and ears open, stretch our minds to accept new ideas, and hone our talents and skills.

Musicians and other performers involved in the marching arts know the power of practice and the importance of repetition, so when opportunity comes knocking, they can open the door.

When the Super Bowl needed a guard group to spin glow-in-the-dark Air Blades during the halftime show, Cypress Independent answered the call. When Rome wanted a college band in its New Year’s Day Parade, the University of South Florida made it happen despite also needing to appear in a bowl game stateside. And when marching bands see a trend, they jump on board.

The feature “In the Social Media Craze” showcases bands that capitalized on viral movements to excite the crowd, pique the interest of recruits, and generate publicity—all while having fun. And the story “Hail to the Chief” highlights ready-and-willing ensembles that applied for and appeared in inaugural parades multiple times.

Even if something seems like a one in a million chance, like being able to march for a living (“Marching 9 to 5”), go for it, strive for greatness, and seize the day.

Musically Yours,
Christine Ngeo Katzman
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

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