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Publisher's letter July-August 2020.

I’m writing this publisher’s letter on my 44th birthday. The date is fitting since I launched Halftime Magazine around my birthday in 2007 at the Texas Bandmasters Association and Drum Corps International San Antonio show. Thirteen years ago, who knew that the state of the marching arts would now hang by a thread due to a worldwide pandemic?

Though all or most marching events have been canceled for the summer, and future seasons remain precarious, several truths are still evident: Music and the arts are essential for our emotional well-being. In addition, music should continue to be part of a well-rounded education. I applaud the National Association for Music Education for continuing to remind legislators and school officials about these mantras, as well as the school districts that are committed to upholding them.

With many music activities moving online, organizations have discovered “The Silver Linings of Virtual Events”. Innovative ideas, such as collage video performances, have become practically mainstream, and more people can participate in online educational content and social gatherings.

Despite the tour cancellation, Drum Corps International ensembles have not stopped. Instead, they have moved camps, fundraisers, and team building online. Find out about “Drum Corps’ Alternate Summer”.

The pause in live events has even allowed Music for All, as explained in our Q&A, to accelerate its goal of becoming known as a music education institution rather than a music events planner.

Muse Media, LLC, Halftime Magazine’s parent organization, is also reinventing itself. On April 1, we announced that our company will be launching a book division this year. The books that we plan to publish will have a focus on the performing arts. If you have a manuscript—whether fiction or non-fiction—consider sending a query to me.

Without the usual DCI champions or traditional fall planning articles, the next issue of Halftime Magazine may seem a little different. I’d like to invite you, our readers—whether you are a student, instructor, fan, or industry professional—to write to us about the importance of music education and the marching arts in your life. How has it molded you? We may publish your vignette in our September/October 2020 issue. Use our Contact page to send your submission.

As we navigate uncertain times together, always remember to put your chin up, have pride in your eyes, and keep on marching!

Musically Yours,

Christine Ngeo Katzman
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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