My Visual Package Provides One-Stop Shop for Marching Bands

My Visual Package

Imagine spending countless hours designing and practicing a high-class marching show, all to have the added stress of not knowing if your uniforms and props will arrive in time for the first performance. Matt Searle and his father, Pete, sought to relieve this worry by opening up My Visual Package (MVP) in October 2017.

MVP is a one-stop shop that prints uniforms, flags, indoor tarps, props, and vehicle wraps. The company runs its own manufacturing facilities using 1200 DPI (dots per inch) printer capabilities when making customizable products to produce quality images, Searle says. It also partners with Director’s Showcase International to sell shoes, podiums, and other accessories as well as Pageantry Innovations for carts.

“The one thing that made [being a band director] really difficult was ordering all the products I needed, let alone from one place or less than three, and then trying to get it delivered on time for when my kids needed them to perform,” says Searle, who worked as a band director and in the design industry prior to starting the company.

MVP’s custom-printed uniforms are offered in two options: The major series uniforms are made with a thick polyester, similar in feel to athletic shirts, while the minor series uniforms have thinner tops that fit over standard bibbers.

Photo courtesy of Logan Robertson.

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