G2 Performance Creates Athletic-Style Uniforms

G2 performance uniform

For many marching musicians, a frustrating part of performances could be feeling the resistant pull of their uniforms while doing a horn flash or a dance move.

Launched in May 2017, G2 Performance creates athletic-style uniforms made with TerraShell and Mayaspan to help uniforms move and stretch. “[Performers] can move in the garment without the garment really fighting their movement or restricting them,” says CEO Vaughan Sawdon.

With 14 years in the marching apparel industry, Sawdon saw the marching band world change, especially how performers became “marching athletes.”

“I found a good opportunity to look outside of the box, and instead of trying to make a marching band uniform conform to the movement of what today’s demands are, I actually took an athletic uniform and patterned it into a marching band uniform,” Sawdon says.

Along with the athletic fabric materials, G2 Performance uniforms have a custom inner foundation to help retain their shape.

While the company creates customizable uniforms, it has three standard band jackets: one with canopy-style shoulders and one with standard shoulders that can either have a front or a back zipper. It also offers various accessories.

Chris Dillon

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