Yamaha Marching Brass and Percussion

Yamaha Corporation of America, based in Buena Park, Calif., recently released a number of notable marching brass and percussion products.

At the request of drum and bugle corps members, the company introduced euphoniums with a forward-facing bell. Yamaha’s YEP-202M Marching Euphonium produces a dark, rich tone in between the traditional baritone and bass sounds.

Yamaha also released the YMP-204M Marching Mellophone to address the previous model’s intonation issues.

For drummers, the company now offers adjustable carriers such as the May Contour Hinge Carrier. Unlike their rigid predecessors, these new carriers utilize a tubular design and abdomen blade to perfectly contour any student’s body.

“They are the wetsuit of carriers,” explains percussion product manager Joel Tetzlaff.

In addition, the carriers use hinge technology, so that the hardware moves fluidly with the player, reducing back stress and keeping the instrument level.

Yamaha is also currently testing drums made with various types of wood, such as maple and birch, to analyze each species’ sound production characteristics. The company envisions future products based on these test results.

For more information, visit www.yamaha.com/band.

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