Dr. Beat Metronome

Roland Corporation’s Dr. Beat Metronome line will help you perfect your skills while adding variety to your rehearsal time.

The DB-90 Dr. Beat, Roland’s advanced metronome, differs from traditional metronomes. It plays several realistic drum patterns and allows you to create a variety of beats and rhythms simply by adjusting a few sliders. You can even listen to a human voice count in rhythm.

If you feel self-conscious practicing a new song or instrument out loud, the DB-90 lets you plug in an electric instrument and headphones, so that you can play in privacy. However, an entire band can use this metronome too. Plug it into speakers or a sound system, and everyone will be able to hear an impeccable tempo.

The DB-90 also has an internal microphone to record any sound to play back and incorporate into your practice routine.

For more information, visit www.bossus.com and look under “Gear.”

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