Forte 10 Music Notation Software

Forte 10 Music Notation Software

The FORTE 10 music notation software incorporates several new features including ScanScore and Bandora that make arranging music even easier. Designed for all levels of musicians, Forte allows users to compose, arrange, transpose, and adjust the style of music in a digital format.

ScanScore incorporates new recognition algorithms to improve the accuracy of scanning sheet music into the program. Scanning can be done using a traditional scanner or by taking a photo with a smartphone. With this feature, adjustments to the music can be made faster and easier. For example, “if you have notation in the wrong key, you can take a photo, import it, change the key, and continue in a different key,” says Simon Barkow-Oesterreicher, FORTE 10 product manager.

The Bandora sub-program can convert a piece of music into 500 different kinds of musical styles ranging from classical to country to reggae. “You can press a button, and it creates a full arrangement,” Barkow-Oesterreicher says. “It’s pretty unique.”

FORTE 10 is currently only compatible with Windows, but companion apps can help users make the experience more portable and seamless.

The software comes in three packages—Basic, Home, and Premium—based on a musician’s level of experience. The software can be purchased at, and packages can be upgraded for the price difference as users gain more experience. Videos on the website help guide users through the software and apps.

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