Vic Firth’s 2015 Releases

Earlier this year, Vic Firth introduced three pieces of equipment that will help drummers in all stages of their careers.

A new High Tension Drum Key is designed for durability, ease of grip and maximum portability. Rather than being an all-metal design, the new key contains a plastic grip designed to be more comfortable for the user when tuning and repairing drums. A carabiner is attached, allowing the user to hook the drum key to a bag and keep it easily accessible.

In addition, Vic Firth makes practicing sticking techniques far easier with the introduction of the Universal Practice Tips, spun out from the successful Chop-Out practice sticks line. The tips will fit on any kind of traditional drumstick, sliding over the top and adding a thick rubber cushion that allows users to drum without damaging the stick or the surface they are practicing on. In addition, the practice tips create a quieter sound to avoid bothering people nearby.

Finally, Vic Firth has introduced the Split Brush retractable wire brush, designed in conjunction with renowned German drummer and instructor Florian Alexandru-Zorn. The Split Brush features two rows of wire, allowing for a wider scope of new sounds and playing styles.

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