Upgraded Yamaha Alto Saxophone and Flutes

Saxophone and flute players can now benefit from Yamaha’s improved models. The new YAS-875EXII alto saxophone is an update on what was already one of Yamaha’s most popular instruments. Ergonomic innovations as well as a slight change in the size and positioning of the tone holes aid response time and intonation, giving the instrument a more natural feel for instrumentalists of all skill levels.

With the release of the 200, 300, and 400 series flutes, the company has completed its three-phase update to its flute line. Yamaha’s belief in vertical integration—designing the best instrument possible and then integrating these features to all levels of the instrument—was influential in the development of the new Standard and Intermediate flutes. “A lot of the features we update on lower-cost instruments originate out of features developed for higher-level instruments,” says Brian Petterson, Yamaha’s marketing manager for wind instruments.

The new models feature pointed key arms to provide a tighter, more airtight seal than is possible with wide key arms. “This is a really excellent upgrade for a student model flute, especially because it’s pretty much considered to be a professional model feature,” Petterson says.

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