Therapeutic Foot Massager and Ice Therapy

After a long day of marching, kicking off your shoes is a great feeling. But how can performers get rid of foot aches—other than waiting for marching season to be over?

The Therapeutic Foot Massager and Tru-Ice Reusable Ice Therapy are two options created by Health Enterprises, a manufacturer of over-the-counter healthcare products. Both have recently received the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

“Musicians in the marching band are athletes, and they should get the same treatment plan as any high school athlete,” says Brendan Leonard, president of Health Enterprises. “From a treatment perspective, there really is no difference from that and someone who just returned from the football field.”

Tru-Ice Reusable Ice Therapy is a cold pack with a liner system. It provides relief in one-third of the time needed for a traditional ice pack and without the mess created by actual melting ice. The Therapeutic Foot Massager provides relief from stress and pain with three different options: massage plus heat, massage plus ice and basic massage. No-slip rings provide traction on hard surfaces, and the massage knobs can be used for gentle or deep-tissue massage.

To find out where you can get these products locally or to order online, go to

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