SOUSAPOWER Mouthpieces

Sousapower Mouthpieces

Even the biggest boom from the biggest tuba played in the biggest stadium starts with the mouthpiece. New SOUSAPOWER mouthpieces from R. Tucci-Musikinstrumente offers low resistance and increased projection.

Particularly useful for marching musicians, the SOUSAPOWER is specifically designed for outdoor use. Making a sousaphone sound good to listeners who might be 100 yards or more away requires a specialized mouthpiece, according to Robert Tucci, owner of R. Tucci-Musikinstrumente and a lifelong tuba player.

The 32.00 mm SOUSAPOWER mouthpieces are bigger than typical; their 8.00 mm rims are clearly defined and narrower with a rounded inner edge while the throat bores are larger.

Two varieties are available: SOUSAPOWER 3 with a medium-depth pear-shaped cup and 8.65 mm bore and SOUSAPOWER 4 with a medium-depth rounded cup and 8.4 mm bore.

These mouthpieces are designed to showcase the strong base and overtones, giving the sound “more sparkle, more color,” Tucci says.

SOUSAPOWER mouthpieces allow musicians to concentrate on their craft. “The best mouthpiece is one … [where] you don’t think about it,” Tucci observes. “The typical tuba player wants … to pick [the instrument] up, and he wants to blow into it, and he wants a big boom to come out the other end.”

The SOUSAPOWER has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $99 and can be purchased through various online dealers. Visit for more information.

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