Randall May Articulating Back Support Drum Carriers

Practicing perfect posture for percussionists presents plenty of problems. Randall May International has created a new Articulating Back Support (ABS) version of its Monoposto/ Biposto drum carriers that causes less stress on the back and shoulders and guides the player into better posture.

“What the ABS does is that it picks up the correct curvature of the upper spine, and when it engages into the player’s upper back, it aligns that part of the upper back for the correct posture while the AB plate is pushing in,” says Randall May, the company’s eponymous owner and president. “The other advantage is that the shape of it evades the shoulder blades, also known as the scapula, so there’s no point-loading on the player’s shoulder blades as they’re performing.”

The carriers and specifically the ABS piece can be adjusted to fit players of any size or gender. “There are more and more women getting involved in the percussion lines, and some of the technology in the early years was anything but friendly to women, so we’ve prided ourselves in that we’re gender neutral,” May says. “One size to fit all is a very tall order with all the different body types out there, but given the technology in this carrier, it’s the closest thing.”

Both Mapex and Yamaha are distributing partners.

Visit www.randallmay.com for details.

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