Pyware March Pad

If you love “Dance Dance Revolution,” convince your director to get your band into the new marching revolution! Pyware, a software provider for music educators, created the Pyware March Pad for use in conjunction with the “3D Performer’s Practice Tools” program. Directors first use the software to create a band’s upcoming drill and then upload the information to an online account. Students can then, either at home or in a school lab setting, download and practice the specific moves using the “DDR”-inspired pad.

The software generates a score based on how accurately students marched in tempo and moved in the correct directions. The “Performer’s Practice Tools” software also allows users to view an animation of their position moving from set to set and print personalized field coordinates, drill books and thumbnails (which display multiple sets per page). For more information about the Pyware March Pad and “Performer’s Practice Tools” program, visit


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