Pyware 3D Viewer App

The Pyware program has long been a leader in the field of computerized drill design. Now, Pyware has launched Version 8 and a 3D Viewer app on iOS.

The Pyware 3D Viewer allows marching instructors to look over the drill charts they’ve created in the desktop version. Marching students can then learn their drill by using their iPhone or iPad.

“It has all of the drill data, so the instructor and performers have all of the movement information, the coordinates of each performer and any sort of instructions included from the production sheets or the notes on the drill pages themselves,” says Mark Mullins, marketing director. “All of that information is there because it’s reading a Pyware file generated directly from the desktop app, so they’re seeing the transitions the way that they were written into the show.”

The new version of the Pyware desktop program was updated with a specific focus on compatibility with the 3D Viewer. Though the 3D Viewer is currently exclusive to iOS, there are tentative plans for an Android equivalent.

The Pyware 3D Viewer costs $2.99, and order forms for the desktop application are available at

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