Pearl FFX Redesign and New Drum Finishes

For the 25th anniversary of the FFX Snare Drum, Pearl decided to do more than just a simple refresh of its signature marching drum.

“Everybody we talked to told us not to even think about changing the sound,” says Shawn Lafrenz, senior marketing manager at Pearl. “But we did get recommendations to try and cut the weight, improve mobility and just allow the players to be more agile with their performances.”

The end result is a weight loss of two pounds and the introduction of the OneTouch Snare Release. With a single press of a button, the snare swings away from the bottom drumhead; an upward pull on the release will snap it back into place. The entire system is designed to make drumhead replacements easier than ever, and the snare itself will never be misaligned or out of place.

Pearl has also introduced new lacquer finishes for its entire line of marching drums. The Varsity series is available in eight typical university colors (blue, yellow, red, green, brown, purple, orange, and black) in four finish patterns.

“Now a marching band can have drums that match their school colors, match their uniforms and allow them to come out looking like a million bucks,” Lafrenz says.



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