Pearl Drumlite

In a stage setting, drummers are often relegated to the back. But thanks to the introduction of Pearl’s new Drumlite system, drummers can now steal the show.

Pearl’s new LED-banded drum set lighting system allows you to easily mount colorful lights on the interior of your drum set shell.  Unlike other drum set lighting equipment, you don’t need to drill through your drumheads or solder anything onto your set; instead, simply attach the Drumlite LED adhesive strip to the inside of your drum.

With Drumlite, you can illuminate the interior of your drum shell with 16 unique colors; one minute, you could be rocking a hot red, the next minute a deep blue. You can choose from four flashing or fading programmed presets. Included in each system is the wireless Drumlite Remote, giving you the power to change the color of your drums with just the push of a button. The remote also allows you to flash the lights, program a strobe effect, alter the brightness of the lights, and even set a smooth fade-in between the three primary colors.

Pearl Drumlite is available in dual-band and single-band formations for both full shell and single bass drum configurations. For more information, visit

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