New Sticks from Vic Firth

Drumstick manufacturer Vic Firth recently released a slew of new products including the Bill Bachman “Billy Club” Signature Tenor Stick and the Andrew Markworth Corpsmaster Signature Keyboard Mallets.

Clinician and road drummer Bachman helped create the “Billy Club” because he felt unsatisfied with the existing options.

“I have long played with tenor mallets and sticks and felt that I was missing out on something with both,” Bachman says in a press release. “I liked the big beefy sound and maneuverability of the mallets. I liked the quickness and great rimshot sounds you get from sticks. I never felt I could achieve both together with a single product. With my new stick, now I can.”

According to Vic Firth, the stick creates a focused sound that blends well with the bass and snare drums, the short length allows for easier maneuvering across the tenor drums, and the added weight creates a good rebound.

The keyboard mallets were designed with percussion instructor, designer, arranger and composer Markworth. “My goal with this mallet series was to create maximum sound projection while maintaining a dark tone quality,” says Markworth in a press release. “We now have a series that creates a big, natural sound from the front ensemble that will carry all the way to the press box.”

Markworth tested and tweaked the design with the 2009 Drum Corps International silver medalist Carolina Crown front ensemble. The set includes six different mallet types, three for marimba and three for vibraphone.

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