New Sticks and Mallets from Vic Firth

Vic Firth recently introduced a number of new sticks and mallets relevant to the marching world.

The Ralph Hardimon “Hammer” has the profile of a scaled-down Hardimon snare stick made in Sta-Pac for added weight and sound production. The Ralph Hardimon “Chop-Out” is the same stick with a rubber tip, ideal for the ultimate practice. “When thinking about chop building, I knew there was something unique we could bring forth,” stated Hardimon, Drum Corps International Hall of Famer and current percussion arranger for the Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps, in a press release.

The 5B “Chop-Out” medium-sized stick features a hickory shaft with an elongated taper to simulate the balance of the 5B with a rubber tip for practicing.

And the Stefon Harris Signature Keyboard Mallet improves playability with a smaller head size and an increased length. “This new mallet is half the weight without sacrifi cing the depth of tone,” said jazz vibraphonist-composer Harris in a press release. “It allows for much more facility when playing with four mallets and is very well balanced for a relaxed, rhythmic feel. As a result of using the new mallet, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in rhythmic feel, phrasing and velocity in my own playing.”

In other industry news, Vic Firth announced in December its merger with cymbal manufacturer the Avedis Zildjian Company. “This union represents a unique opportunity to leverage our respective leadership positions in the drumstick and cymbal categories,” said President Vic Firth in a press release.

Zildjian CEO Craigie Zildjian echoed the sentiment in the release: “Similarities in our cultures and business philosophies, coupled with a shared dedication to product and service excellence, provide a strong foundation for the union of our two companies.”

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