A new website helps marching arts professionals network, find jobs and teach workshops all from their computer., created by drum corps alum C. Marcus Brown, aims to be “the centralized channel where decision makers of the music and marching band-related activities can find quality instruction.”

For the job portal section, the team at MyBandStaff works as recruiters, reviewing submitted resumes and matching up employers with potential candidates for their needs. The site takes a per-candidate fee that is worked out with each employer.

This summer, MyBandStaff will launch a new Workshop section of the site. Pre-screened clinicians can offer online workshops and consulting services, incorporating features such as desktop share and media storage.

“Instead of paying for travel, hotel and food, a consultant can manage their business and still help bands around the country,” Brown says. “Programs can come and view profiles of experts in drill writing, arranging, composition, woodwind, brass, percussion, and they can solicit advice and select a consultant and then request a workshop with them. It goes to the consultant who accepts or rejects, and they then provide an online workshop remotely in the comfort of their home, school or office.”

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A few belated thank you messages.

A Few Belated Thank You Messages

As we close out another school year, I am writing lists of people to thank. Predominantly the list includes teachers who have helped my children ...