Musser Front Ensemble Marching Frames

Marching frames for front ensemble instruments have existed for decades; however, some are incredibly hard to use, and others are not durable and do not last. Enter Musser’s improved marching frames for its Performer Series mallet instruments.

A four- or five-octave instrument is difficult for students to handle. “We wanted to make it easier on the kids, so that they can adjust the height on their instrument without needing an extra person or getting their fingers smashed,” says Ryan Galasso, product manager for educational percussion.

The new model is gas-strut-assisted, allowing the frame to rise slowly on its own when the locking mechanism is untightened. “It works similar to the height adjustment on an office chair,” Galasso says.

The easily adjustable frame did not sacrifice durability, though. The new model includes beefed-up wheels, using a more solid design as opposed to an inflatable tire, and an upgraded two-inch tubing.

“There are a lot of frames out there that are really adjustable; however, durability is the first thing that they sacrifice,” Galasso says, “We wanted something more durable that can stand the test of time.”

The upgraded frames are available for marimba, vibraphone and xylophone. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy of Ludwig Musser.

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