Manhasset Tablet Holder

As technology becomes more prevalent in our society, people are relying more and more on it for every aspect of their lives—including music performance. Many digital apps exist that allow people to download music and drill onto their tablets or smartphones.

Responding to this trend, the Manhasset Specialty company has introduced its Universal Tablet Holder. This product comes in three different styles and fits onto a Manhasset music stand or a microphone stand, depending on the model, to give users a hassle-free experience.

The most unique aspect of this product is its adjustability to fit any style of tablet, says Dan Roberts, president and general manager of Manhasset.

“After we analyzed the models that were on the market, we felt that we could design something that would be able to work universally on tablets, so that smaller tablets would work as well as the largest tablet,” he says.

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Photo courtesy of Manhasset.

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