Lot Riot Clothing Brand

Drummers know that the real show isn’t on the floor or field— it’s in the parking lot—and that concept inspired the name of a new drumline-focused clothing brand called Lot Riot.

“The whole idea is creating something fashionable and stylish for the young folks in drum crops and drumline activities to feel good about wearing—not only in designs but in quality—something that leaks out of the band room and parking lot and into their social system,” says Matt Verburg, drumline instructor and creator of Lot Riot.

Verburg noticed his students wearing surfer and skater shirts all the time despite the fact that few actually participated in those activities. Traditional band T-shirts and options sold at shows that just said “DRUMLINE” were lacking in fashionable style.

Lot Riot’s designs are available in tanks, T-shirts and hoodies.

“The ultimate goal is to really expose this activity as one that is comparable to cheerleading, extreme sports and surfing,” Verburg says. “We know it is a lifestyle, lifeconsuming and so beneficial to the people who participate. The goal of Lot Riot is not just T-shirts. The goal is to grow the activity through a sense of community and pride.”

To purchase, visit www.lotriot.com.

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