King System Blue SB30 Euphonium Hybrid

Excitement is building around the King System Blue SB30 Euphonium Hybrid and the possibilities it creates. The SB30 is a marching instrument with a smaller frame that sounds, plays and projects like a normal-sized euphonium with the size and weight of a marching baritone.

“The instrument feels like a baritone to the player’s hands,” says Bo Clifton, Conn-Selmer’s director of product marketing for background and marching brass. “It’s going to be a blessing to high school and collegiate marching programs since they will finally have a true marching euphonium that can be played and handled easily by their students. The SB30 eliminates a number of challenges that many low brass players face when marching. Its superior balance, lightweight frame and ease of use combine to create a world-class playing experience.”

Designed in conjunction with The Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps and caption head John Meehan, “the SB30 Euphonium Hybrid along with the new System Blue SBEU euphonium mouthpiece will give players and directors alike an unmatched look, feel and performance,” Clifton says.

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