GrooveTech T-Handle

If you’re a drummer, you most likely carry around a compact drum key to make tuning adjustments to your instrument. The key, however, is probably limited to certain operations. In terms of head changes, you must remove and replace six to 12 tension rods—each of which requires a dozen revolutions in both directions. You might use power tools if they’re around, but you could damage the head by over-tightening it.

Luckily, CruzTOOLS recently released the GrooveTech T-Handle Drum Key to help you spin each rod quickly and easily while giving you a proper feel for correct tensioning. The key has a unique sliding handle that allows extra leverage, which is particularly useful for high-tension drum corps tuning. Additionally, the drum key socket can detach from the T-handle using a standard 1/4” drive tip, allowing you to use other sockets if needed.

The GrooveTech, measuring 5.5 inches wide by 8 inches long, is made out of heat-treated Chrome Vanadium alloy for maximum strength and is finished in polished chrome. The socket is manufactured to precise tolerances, with a thin wall that fits into wood rims.

For more information, visit the CruzTOOLS website at

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