GrooveTech Drum Multi-Tool

Drums are high-maintenance instruments, and they require nearly an entire toolbox to keep them in good condition. Carrying around that many tools is a hassle, and CruzTOOLS has the solution—the 13-in-1 GrooveTech Drum Multi-Tool.

Aside from the essential drum key, the Drum Multi- Tool features nine hex wrenches, of both inch and metric variety, a flat-head screwdriver and two Phillips screwdrivers.

The wide assortment of tools is handy for drum set players, but marching band members—particularly those in drum corps— will find value in them as well. “There’s a lot of adjustability on a marching snare drum—and not just the drum, the harness too,” says Dan Parks, president of CruzTOOLS. “Adjustability is a critical component for any drum mount, and they’re either going to use a drum key or an allen wrench. We include all of those in this tool for that purpose.”

For more information, visit the CruzTOOLS website at

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