Ever-Dri Performance Gloves

Director’s Showcase International (DSI) has created a handy new guard accessory—Ever-Dri Performance Gloves, made of a special moisture-wicking quick-drying material that pulls sweat away from the skin to prevent slippage.

“We had noticed in all of the competition and rehearsals that they’d come off the field, and their gloves would be drenched, and they smelled,” says Jeff Dyson, Internet marketing director for DSI. “We knew there had to be something better that we could do to solve these problems.”

The new material is also 100% machine washable and anti-odor. DSI collected input from various guards and used their suggestions to add additional padding in specific locations. Guard members reported feeling like the gloves were already broken-in right away.

“My gloves lasted me all summer, becoming my performance gloves,” commented Mike Turner, a member of the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps and Elysian Winter Guard, on the product website. “Then, last winter, I used those same gloves as rehearsal gloves. … They’re still like new.”

The Ever-Dri Performance Gloves come in black and tan and cost $12.75 a pair. For more information, visit www.everdriglove.com or www.dshowcase.com.

Jim Snyder

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