ErgoSonic Suspended Concert Bass Drum

ErgoSonic Percussion sought to revolutionize the marching bass drum with an angled shell and horizontal playing surface, allowing performers to face forward. Now, the company has set its sights on the world of concert band.

The ErgoSonic Suspended Concert Bass Drum shares its design with the original marching variation and provides many of the same benefits—namely easier playing, a significantly improved line of sight for the performer and the ability to tune the drum to several relative pitches. In addition, the ErgoSonic drum provides increased control over the directionality of the sound.

“One of the problems with the conventional bass drum is that, when you get to a part that requires more sophisticated rhythmic activity from the bass drum, how do you position it, so that you can both play the part as accurately as it needs to be played while still seeing the conductor and, at the same time, making sure that the part projects out to the audience?” says Kenneth Turner, president and CEO of ErgoSonic Percussion. “There’s really no way to do that with a conventional bass drum. Our instrument, we feel, solves that problem.”

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