E-Practice Pad

The E-Practice Pad from Alesis allows drummers to learn and practice interactively with more than 50 different games and exercises, 65 different drum sounds and a built-in advanced metronome.

Practice can be done alone or in a group as the pad is compatible with headphones for silent practice as well as standard amplifiers and stereo systems. It can also be mounted on a snare or cymbal stand and expanded by purchasing a bass drum or hi-hat pedal and can even be used as part of a drum set to introduce new sounds in your performance.

“The E-Practice Pad makes learning your rudiments fun,” said Jim Norman, product manger at Alesis in a press release.

The pad is even equipped with recording and playback options, so that you can listen to your own playing. The sensitive surface reflects the full range of dynamics. With practice exercises such as Beat Check and Stroke Balance, the E-Practice Pad “[helps] you grow as a drummer, developing your time, dynamics, consistency and more,” according to the website.

Alesis manufactures a wide range of electronic drumming products for both professionals and beginners. For more information, visit www.alesis.com.

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