Director’s Showcase International Podium Extension

DSI Podium Extension

Marching performers on the field sometimes have trouble seeing their drum majors. To help solve this problem, Director’s Showcase International (DSI) has introduced its new Podium Extension.

DSI originally developed a compact podium about five years ago. While the platform was smaller than those of prior models, it was also taller, at 6 feet, or 72 inches high. This design increased the visibility of drum majors and soon became very popular.

Ease of disassembly and stability—two things that drum corps had issues with when using the tall podium—were of prime importance when designing the Podium Extension. Therefore, DSI came up with a new middle ground.

DSI’s Podium Extension can be used to turn its 52-inch Command Center Podiums into a 60-inch podium, making it particularly useful for marching programs seeking a taller podium without paying for a new one. “That’s a nice add-on for people who already have our 52-inch podium,” says Brent Herald, vice president of customer relations at DSI. “They don’t have to buy a whole new podium because the extension is sold separately.”

DSI’s Podium Extension is available in both silver and black. Visit for more information.


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