DeMoulin Shakover

Marching bands want their uniforms and shakos to be unique. The uniforms themselves are easily customizable to a large extent, but shakos aren’t as easy to make distinct. Enter DeMoulin’s new Shakovers, a customizable skin that can be applied over any sort of shako to make it as recognizable and distinct as the uniform itself.

“All of this came about as a result of increased demand for more creative ideas and ways to spice up the uniform look,” says Steve Trull, vice president at DeMoulin Bros. & Co. “Bands are investing more in visual effects and products every year to bring more appeal to a themed show or just to have more choices and options visually.”

The Shakover skin, made of stretch lycra and using a dye sublimation process, is designed to be easily added on and later swapped out with any other design. This ease allows bands to coordinate their shakos with each year’s show or simply to more closely match their uniforms. The removal and reapplication of the Shakover also eliminates some of the need for bands to replace shakos when ordering new uniforms.

The Shakover is available directly from DeMoulin this year. Prices can be quoted by local DeMoulin representatives. Visit for more information.

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