Cymbal Doctor

Something new has crashed into the world of percussion—Cymbal Doctor, a kit developed by Larry Jaworske and Sam Lankford, gives cymbals a brilliant mirror-like shine and improves their sound.

“People have a hard time believing it ’till they see it,” Jaworske says. “The cymbals look like absolute mirrors when you’re done.”

The Cymbal Doctor kit includes amp motor polisher, cleaner, polish, sealer, a rubber workstation mat to prevent sliding, polishing pads, foam applicators, “logo-saver” stickers to preserve cymbal logos while cleaning, gloves, microfiber towels and a gig bag to hold it all. The “Home Pro” kit is intended for light, personal usage while the “Pro Touring Kit” is best for drum lines and heavy usage by large groups.

“We’re hoping to make it the standard, so that everyone will have one in their trailers and look like they’re on national television all the time,” Jaworske says.

Jaworske, who plays drum set, is a successful and award-winning car designer, machinist and metallurgy expert. Along with Lankford, also a metallurgist, they developed and tested Cymbal Doctor for more than 14 months, including multiple sessions in recording studios to prove that clean cymbals sound better.

“The grooves are supposed to be clean,” Jaworske says. “ If you were to magnify a cymbal, it looks like a record album but deeper; each groove will resonate sound. When cymbals are clean and new, they sound shimmery and sustain longer.”

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